Odoo ERP development

Manage all of your business processes in one place.

What is Odoo ?

ERP Odoo is an all-in-one business management application suite that contains a set of business applications, which seamlessly synchronizes with each other to provide you a complete business management application. Odoo takes a complete modular approach, so that you get over 500 modules (each separate from the others in terms of functionality) to design your own business management. With the ability to add additional features and third-party integration from the inside out, you certainly get the best of both worlds. This software supports offline modes as well as online modes and provides immense security to your data in both modes. A system that can be quickly set up and ready for you to use.

Why choose Odoo ?


In addition to its simplicity and user-friendliness, its speed and flexibility, it allows you to fully manage your business, namely:

  • Financial and accounting management
  • HR management
  • Sales and supplier management
  • Distribution and inventory management
  • E-commerce management
  • Customer relationship management
  • and much more ...

particularity of Odoo ?

  • Multi-currency, multi-company and multi-language management as needed.
  • Integrated website builder with various themes and add-ons.
  • Integration of different modules such as sales, human resources, accounting, CRM ...
  • Utilities such as report generation, graphics, invoice creation, email, group messaging ...


Development services Odoo that we offer



We provide our expertise and set-up to companies who choose Odoo ERP system because the choice of ERP system is a crucial task for companies.


Understand business needs and implement it in a unique way to get the best results from ERP implementation.


Developing business software tailored to your business needs while providing the best development services for any business using Odoo.


If you want to migrate to a better ERP solution, mean Odoo, you can definitely choose us.


Whether its the integration of the Odoo ERP solution or the integration between odoo and other solutions, we use the latest technologies for a successful integration and this gives an advantage to the organization.


To make every process smooth for your business, we train staff with the new ERP and put them at ease in the new environment with Odoo training.


We offer full support for a wide range of services in Odoo to maintain quality control.